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Here you’ll find downloadable guides, checklists, tools, and links which will help you support your dog to live their best life!

Is your dog in pain?  Typically your dog will start or stop doing something, or change the way they do it.  It may be related to appearance, behaviour, capability or gait.  Some changes may be obvious indicators of pain or discomfort, but many are more subtle.

pug dog with concerned look on his face

Massaging Your Dog

Wouldn't it be wonderful if ALL dogs had massage available to them?!  I think so! 
Typically we stroke and touch our dogs regularly.   This can easily be taken a step further by offering mindful and intentional touch. There are certainly great benefits to be had; for both of you!  And you don't need to set aside a great deal of time - just 5-10 minutes regularly.
Firstly though safety (for both of you!) is paramount so ensure your dog is a good candidate for massage - both mentally and physically.  And secondly - always remember you are OFFERING massage.  Your dog may or may not choose to receive your touch at that time.  Whatever their choice it must be respected.  Thirdly - always massage within the dog's comfort level.  

 I hope you and your dog find these guides helpful.  ENJOY!

Tips for providing a relaxing massage to your dog

Unsure where to begin?  Here's five easy tips to get you started!

Massage Contra-indications

There are many reasons why massage shouldn't be offered to your dog - times when it would not be beneficial, and times when you could be doing harm.  The list below isn't exhaustive.  If in doubt check with your vet.  

Relaxing Massage Do's and Don'ts

Additional massage tips which will help with making sure you're on track!

Two techniques for massaging your dog

There are many techniques to use when massaging your dog.  Some may be more helpful when used for relaxation, while others are more stimulating.  Always observe your dog while you are providing massage to ensure you are massaging within their comfort levels.  They'll also show you what they enjoy most...think relaxing sighs and sleepy eyes. 

Benefits of Massage

If you've ever received a relaxing massage you'll know how great it can make you feel!  Make regular massage part of your dog's health & wellbeing plan!

Canine Arthritis

Arthritis (osteoarthritis – OA) is the most common cause of chronic pain for dogs.  It is thought it affects 80% of dogs over the age of 8, and 35% of dogs over the age of 1 year.  As this is not ‘just an old dog’ disease, it is worth visiting Canine Arthritis Management which is a highly reputable source regarding arthritis in dogs.

CAM Home Assessment Tool

Examples and top tips of areas within the home which can be tweaked to make daily living more comfortable for your dog, while reducing incidents of injury. 

Weight Management Tips

Did you know carrying too much weight impacts not only a dog’s joints due to the additional load, but also increases inflammation of the joints?  This is the last thing you want when canine arthritis is involved.  Read CAMs tips on how to reduce your dog’s weight.

Puppy Guidance

There's no doubt that steps can be taken as early as puppyhood which may have a positive impact on your dog's long-term health.  This guide will show you what signs to look for, and what to do to reduce your puppy's chances of developing arthritis. 

Good Day / Bad Day Diary Calendar

It’s easy for days to run into each other and to lose track of your dog’s health.  The calendar is an easy-to-use tool to help with assessing the general quality of your dog’s life.

Dog Owners Checklist

Has your dog been diagnosed with arthritis, and you're feeling a little overwhelmed?  This checklist is to help canine guardians to properly manage arthritis in their dog.

bearded collie dog lying on mat in garden receiving a massage

Our elderly dog Willow just loves her Dogkind visits.  It’s so amazing to watch her enthusiasm for her massage sessions, aiming straight for the mat and special ‘chill out’ time, bless her.  Gosh thank you so much Kellie for giving Willow that extra spring in her step!

— STEF —