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My mission is to help you support your dog to lead their best life.

a brindle dog looking to distance with woman smiling behind her


Hi! My name is Kellie, and I love dogs!

Always have, but along the way had forgotten just how much, until I met my husband and his trusty sidekick Charlie.  I happened to be nearing a milestone birthday (one of those ones that gets you thinking), and at the same time redundancy was on offer from the large organisation I worked for.  Around the same time I discovered (to my absolute delight!) that dog massage was indeed ‘a thing!’.  There began my canine bodywork journey.   I am now a certified canine remedial massage therapist, and am continuing to learn as much as I can to assist canines and their guardians.  Our latest addition to our family is our girl Georgie, who was intended to be a short-term foster early in 2022.  We soon decided she was a keeper! In my spare time I volunteer at the local SPCA, continue learning as much as I can about all things dog and enjoy spending time with my husband (and Georgie of course!). 

My vision is for canines in our community to have increased healthspan by recognising and implementing a multimodal approach to their wellness.

Border collie cross Huntaway dog looking at camera with tongue hanging out


Introducing our best boy Charlie!

 I met Charlie when he was a bouncy, energetic 5 year-old.  He was companion to my now-husband, so it was a package deal.  Maybe I fell in love with Charlie first?  Who knows?   I adored this boy.  As he got older he slowed down, showing all the usual signs of aging, as you would expect with a senior dog.  He had a diagnosis of arthritis, which we really didn’t give much thought to at the time.  It was inevitable we thought.  I would offer him massage which he greatly enjoyed, especially first thing in the morning when he clearly was stiff from lack of movement.  He led me down the path of canine bodywork.  He was a wonderful teacher, study-buddy and best mate.  We sadly had to say goodbye to Charlie in late 2020.  I wish I had more awareness around arthritis years ago as I believe his life could have been longer, and we could have made him more comfortable earlier.  That’s why I feel the need to bring awareness to areas where owners can make a difference to their dogs now, whatever the dog’s age.   I continue to be grateful for having him in my life.  For the lessons he taught.   And for his gentle nudges which sent me down the canine bodywork path.

My ethos is:


The dog is never restrained, and has complete choice as to whether or not to receive the offered treatment.

Kindness is key

Dogs are much-loved family members, and of course their health and wellbeing can be very worrying for guardians.   Kindness and compassion are extended to both you and your canine companion.

Continuous Learning & Knowledge Sharing

So much to learn!  This will be an ongoing journey for me, and I hope to share with you as much as I am able to positively impact the life of your beloved canine companion.

Kellie has been treating my 14 ½ year old border collie Lewis, with great results.  Lewis, an intrinsically anxious dog, is immediately at ease when he lies down to have a session and lets Kellie do her work with no complaints.  The results following a session speak for themselves – he is much brighter, more attentive, and becomes like a spritely puppy on our walks again!  I have tried many different treatment modalities to manage Lewis’ significant age-related arthritis, and massage has proved to be one of the most effective in retaining his mobility and quality of life.  I highly recommend Kellie’s amazing service for any of the older dogs in your lives, or even the young ones for a lovely treat, you won’t regret it!

— BREE —


Thank you to the kind guardians of Floyd, Roma, Finn, Willow, Kody, Cooper, Kane, Snow, Ju and  Daenerys for allowing use of their images.